Saying Goodbye to everyone

I awoke to feel quite fresh even after the Adrenaline filled Friday evening football match. I notice a difference to the morning after here as to Holland, even if I have had a few drinks, I have no hangover. Now I am not sure if that is a good thing, but I will take it and I will dry out when I get back to Holland. If I am honest I have actually behaved myself with the drinking compared to earlier trips home, maybe I am growing up…LOL!!!

Morning and Joe goes for his usual swim and Linda and I usually walk over to the supermarket to meet him. Today was meant to be no exception, but we had to wait until a plumber had done a job and actually the rain was lashing down. Now I don’t mind walking in the rain, but I was still on a high from United’s thrashing of city rivals Dundee F.C. yesterday and it seems Cousin Linda is the same and so we head off.

like 2 wet rats, we walked through the rain

We were a few miles into our journey when we met a lady who was walking her Boxer dog by the Swannie Ponds. Now to most people who know me, they will know I have a soft spot for that breed, well Bruce is a Boxer and I miss him to bits. So t was obvious I would take time to speak to Boomer as I found out he was called.

(left The Swannie Ponds, with a strange Swam and right, Boomer)

We started walking again and suddenly Joe passed in the car, so we got in and headed to the supermarket. We had another man coming to fix the washing machine so we had to hurry. I wanted to get some goodies to take back with me.

Well, we finally got back home and I wanted to chill a bit, as Joe and Linda tried to book flights so that Joe could go to Rome to see the Celtic play.

Early evening we had arranged to go to the World Famous ‘Birkie Inn’ for high tea, this is something I have just learned. High tea, first eat and then finish with tea and cakes.

The Birkie Inn is famous throughout the area and nearly the whole of Scotland. The dish that makes them famous is their homemade steak pie…it is seriously to die for.

Guess what I had for dinner…

It is not a good idea to head into town for a night out after a large meal. Linda took us into town and Joe and I headed to meet the ‘Mann’ family both bagged up. After about an hour, Joe said he was heading home and I thought it was a good idea, it was like a sauna in that bar, so we headed off. I have arranged the meet the guys again tomorrow. We decided to have one in Joe’s local and one became two and before you know it we ended up at Joe’s club..I think the phrase. The backbone of a jellyfish springs to mind.

We had a few, had a dance, I am not a dancer and would much rather watch others dance and we were home very late and very drunk. The last few hours of the evening are a blur, but Joe took care of me and got me home. First time on this holiday I am have been more than a bit lubricated. LOL


Pack the bags and have some fun

Well did some packing of my bag for my return flight to Holland on Tuesday and I had a very nice hearty breakfast,

time to feed the belly

I headed up to Ronnie Mann’s house for a cold beer and to watch the Old Firm match in his self-built bar. En route, we saw the Tay was, well not there, so I asked Brian to stop and I managed to get a snapshot of it….

who stole the Tay?

We arrived at Ronnie’s place and I was amazed to see what he has done with his Mann-cave or bar, absolutely brilliant. Filled with lots of United stuff and musical regales, it really is brilliant and as I said to Ronnie: “If I had this, I would never go out to the town.”

We consumed a few beers watching the match. I didn’t think it was all that good a match, but that is just my opinion. I left Ronnie’s and Brian took me down to meet my cousin Scott in the Speedwell Tavern bar on the Perth Road. Scott I vaguely saw at my mother’s funeral back in 1994, but the last time we really spoke was longer than 40 years ago.

We discussed family affairs, learning things that we never knew about our family and we talked about sport etc while consuming a few beers. I had to meet Joe up at the Fairmuir Boys Club, so after a bit, Scott phoned his wife to pick us up and drop me off at the club. When she arrived I got in the car and was savagely attacked by two ferocious dogs…No I was licked to death by two Staffies, brilliant they just were so sweet and friendly. When we got to the club my head was soaking hahaha. I parted with them and went into the club.

I went in to meet Joe and his mates who were a little lubricated and happy after watching the Celtic match. I had no feeling for more beer, so I went onto the O.V.D. and rum, just because it is easy to drink.

During my time there, I saw a lady pass with bright red hair, I knew right away that was Angie, wife of Trotsky, the guitarist from the Dundee band the Cundeez.

I received a message from Trotsky and I quote:

Oi fanny baws. Do you tell any chunt where you iz at. Geez a shout the morra.

Which translated actually means, why didn’t you tell anyone you were back. Well, that has been arranged and we are meeting up tomorrow afternoon for a shandy and some banter. Brilliant

Well, the night drew to a close, but not before I received a present I had really hoped to receive. It was a Fairmuir Boys Social Club tie. You see, I was a member of the very first Fairmuir Boys team and have even played on Dundee United’s stadium, Tannadice Park with them. So it is with great honour I accept this and promise to wear it with pride.

We headed home, both happy. Joe because Celtic beat Rangers, me because I got my tie. We ate a little and I was in bed quite early.

I will have to pack tomorrow before I go into town to meet Trotsky

And so the final weekend of my return visit home comes to a close. It was nice to meet up with family and old friends. Would I come back to live in Dundee, I honestly do not know. I love my hometown, but I am sure if I could fit in again. I have lived abroad for 40 years and that changes a person, but you never know…..maybe one day