This journey has been a beautiful one.

It is hard to believe, but today is my last full day in Scotland, tomorrow I fly back to Holland and back to reality.

Today would be more a relaxed day than anything else.

I was out on the road early and would you believe it was my very first cold day. Plus the rain, well it made it all the more sad on this last day.

I wanted to get Linda flowers or a plant just because as a way of thanking her for everything, something she would like. Joe told me, she loved white roses, so that was my objective. I headed towards the Stobswell area of Dundee. It is less than a 10-minute walk to there. I have already mentioned that Joe and Linda’s house was built of the original Clepington Primary School site. This being my first school, well dear readers, I passed on my way to the florist a building where the school now stands and if my memory serves me right, it still looks the same, just in a different location

After this sentimental moment, which had a double meaning because the school had moved and was in a different location, so wasn’t really my school, but then again it was, I continued on my journey to get flowers.

I also managed to get some rolls, a pie (big surprise there) and very tasty cakes from the past. A cinnamon bun and an apple turnover with lemon topping, see in the photo how yummy they look

I slowly made my way back to the house, eating my pie as I walked, well there was no way I was sharing this as it was my last one for a while…LOL!

When home and after coffee and cakes…(super yummy)…I started to pack my bag. It was gonna be a tough job 1) because Sol wasn’t here to do it and 2) because I had bought too much stuff/crap. Somehow I got it all in, only leaving room for my toiletries to fit on the morning I leave. I had left a few shirts that were a little tight for me and I sadly had to leave my comfy baffies (slippers) because I also have them in Holland.

I watched a bit of TV and then started off on my walk downtown to meet good friends. I left early because I wanted to take a slow walk and take in the views of my hometown one last time.

I walked through the town, buying the last view souvenirs. I also wanted to see the new station and yes it was looking very tidy.

As I walked through town, I passed the company my mother used to work for. The company is long gone, but the name still lives on.

And so I headed up to the bar: The Town House, where I had arranged to meet Trotsky and his misses Angie. Trotsky is the guitarist with the legendary Dundee band the Cundeez. They have been to Holland a few times and it’s always nice to meet one of them. Well not for the first time on this journey I was in the wrong bar, but unlike the other time, this wasn’t my fault. They had gone to another bar. LOL. So I finished my pint and headed off to the correct bar: The Trades House

We had a brilliant laugh, talking about everything the music, the city and of course Dundee United. I was meant to be home by 6 for tea but had to phone that I would be a bit late. This was too much fun to cut short.

We sat for about 4 hours and then I shared a taxi with them heading home. They are really lovely people and it was a perfect end to my holiday.

The evening I sat for a bit chatting with Linda. Joe had to work at the club. I went to bed. I know I am not a great traveller and I like to be up early and be prepared for the journey.


The journey home

Ye kin tak the boy oot o Dundee, but ye cannae tak Dundee oot o the boy

What a beautiful morning that has awoken on one of the best holidays ever

I was awake early, even the birds were still sleeping, I showered, packed the last few things and went downstairs for coffee. I know they say you should eat breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day, but people who really know me, know I am not a good traveller. I love flying or going someplace new, but I hate the hassle of that day and the travelling and it usually stresses me out and thus no brekkie for me. I think I would like a time machine, so I could be at the new place in seconds LOL.

I hate goodbyes and so saying cheerio to my cousin was hard and you could feel the emotions were high. I was ready to go and Joe dropped me off at the bus. I know I thank everyone for their kindness and hospitality, but Joe always will be special to me and always make me feel so welcome and at home. As for Linda, we have always been close. I know we are cousins but my brother and I have always felt she was more like a sister to us and I know she feels the same. It is always very special to meet family, but Linda is always number 1 on my list. I totally do not mean my other family are less, not at all, it has always been like that.

Well, I arrived at the bus place and said my farewells to Joe, he is a star and nothing is too much bother for him.

The bus journey takes about an hour and a half and is relaxed, there were only about 8 people on the bus. so it was lovely just to chill and eat a full bag of jelly babies, very smart indeed LOL.

I arrived at the airport far too early to check in my bag, so decided to have some coffee and finally eat something, for that might settle my travelling stressed stomach. I also got an idea for a song about waiting in an airport (lots of thought went into that, hahaha) so while eating I worked on the lyrics. I had my last beer, disappointed they had no 80/- but the one I had wasn’t that bad.

Finally, I was able to board the flight back to Holland and as a special effect, it started raining as I boarded the plane. I was sad to leave my homeland, but I am certain, it will not be 10 years before I return there.

The flight was a very pleasant one and arriving in Holland to the sunshine was a pleasant feeling. The brother picked me up at the airport. Schipol has changed so much and is getting even bigger, it is starting to become very confusing, but we managed. On arriving home and handing over the pressies, we had something….brilliant, namely Pizza, I was starving after eating virtually nothing all day.

After eating, I tried to watch some TV, but I was shattered and after falling asleep a few time on the chair, I headed up to my bed and was asleep within minutes.

Holiday review

No awa tae bide awa

what can I say, because I did not just piss away my holiday every day in the bar and I actually went sightseeing like I wanted to, this is possibly the best visit home I have been on? I walked for miles and took thousands of photos. I will take time to review the photos of my camera and I will add a page to this blog including them.

Total distance walked: 133.83 km (83.16 miles)

Total steps taken: 179,769 steps

Check here for more details

Thank you to the people of Dundee, Perth, St. Andrews for your hospitality. But my heart and thanks are for Joe and Linda for putting up with me during my visit and to Lorraine and Omar for my visit and the lovely dinner and cousin Kenneth for taking me to the Queen’s view. To cousin Raymond for taking time out of his ultra-busy schedule to chat with me. To Murray for picking me up at the airport. To cousin Scott for finally meeting up again after so long. To Dundee United Football Club for making that derby memorable. Just in case you missed it, we beat city rivals Dundee F.C. 6-2. To the people of the Fairmuir Boys Club for some great nights. Especially Billy for giving me his tie. To all the other friends I met, to all the new friends I made. I thank you and love you all. Until we meet again. xxx

Dundee, Ye’ll ayewiz be hame tae me

Steve / ZEEKtheFREAK