15/08/2019 Honey, I’m home

Up at 3.45 and heading towards the airport at 4.30. Got through the customs without a problem, probably lucky it was so early and thus not very busy

A massive thanks to theShoob for going out of his way to bring me to the airport, otherwise I was gonna go the night before.

It was a nice flight was at 7.05 but was delayed for 10 minutes, it takes only 1 hour 10 minutes or so and went without problems.

We landed at around 7.30 (local time) and through the customs. I always wonder if they will stop me, I never have anything strange with me, just always wonder, but there was someone else on the plane I knew they would stop, It was a coloured man with long rasta hair. I just knew they would pick him out, so predictable. I sailed through without a hitch.

Welcome to Scotland

For the first time in 7 years, I put my feet on the promised land and the temperature is mild. As expected it takes ages to find TMC, he is coming to pick me up. After about 15 minutes of changing places, he found me and so we headed off towards Dundee

We arrived in Dundee and headed first to the Dundee United shop so that I could get my ticket for the Dundee United v Dundee game, the last weekend of my visit.

After the ticket-shop, Joe came down to the United shop to pick me up. We went to his house, but we had to sure, to leave no clues that Linda could see I am here. Well, at least not until tomorrow evening.

Joe took me to the hotel, which unbelievable is under the Students Union, we frequented every Friday…how cool is that

After dropping my bags off and having a walk about town to take photo gallery (day one photo’s) I returned to get myself signed in to the Hotel and to freshen up.

I had arranged to meet Murray at the pub, after 3 pints he made an appearance and we had a few shandies. We visited a few bars and in the last one, his mum and sister came in and we chatted.

Unfortunately, that is where the early rise and the beer, tiredness caught up with me. So I headed to the chip shop and then to my hotel room to eat some food.

Later I was lucky enough to watch AZ Alkmaar on laptop

Very successful game AZ winning 4-0, but I couldn’t manage the end of the game, couldn’t keep my eyes open and 9 o’clock I was in my bed and out like a light within seconds.

So day one back in Dundee and 19 to go. Murray goes back to Australia on Monday, so we will meet tomorrow (Friday) for tea along with Nikky (Andy Mac’s daughter) and I will maybe go see a band on Saturday afternoon. We will see what happens.

Anyway, time to get ready for another actioned packed day in Costa Del Dundee

Be safe, my friends and please feel free to leave a comment